Omar Akhrif, was born in Verona (Italy), but stems from a Moroccan father of Arab descent. He initially approached music through his passion for Hip Hop. This brought him in contact with vinyls and turntables for the first time. Soon after this first contact, his strong will to experiment led him to Minimal and House music, including the production of various projects. After many years of finding his way and exploring the roots of music and sonority, the desire to communicate and share his idea of sound in the way he lived according to all his life awakened: a basic need. In 2013, he decided to found a label together with his mates from the studio: Prismatique, a limited series of Minimal and Techno vinyls. In the same year, with the foundation of Veniceberg he found a place to bring his creativity to life. Here, he earned the position of resident DJ within a short amount of time.